Topic: Multicore cpu and portfolio


is there any way to distribute the power of the CPUs to each generator and use the portfolio function?

In FSB Pro I can distribute the power of the CPU, but there is no portfolio function.
In Expert Advisor Studio there is a portfolio function, but I don't know a way to distribute the CPU's power to each browser tab. My browser "Chrome" never uses the full CPU power.

Are there other programs that allow this?

Portfolio Maker for FSB Pro is no longer offered.
With the program "Process Lasso" I somehow do not manage to distribute the power of the CPU to the individual browser tabs.

Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: Multicore cpu and portfolio

Hello Achmidius,

The best solution is to run several instances of Chrome and to have one Generator/Reactor in each of them.
Please keep the tab with the running EA Studio active. If you switch the tab, Chrome (and other browsers) will suspend the calculations.

Re: Multicore cpu and portfolio

I have a 32-core processor.

With FSB Pro I can use 100% of the processor. With a browser tab only about 2%.

This means that if I want to use 100% of the processor's power for a currency pair, I have to open 50 browser windows.

If I have a collection capacity of 100 in each window and import all strategies via validator, then equal strategies are sorted out and I come to a value of maybe 60-70 strategies, right?

Re: Multicore cpu and portfolio

Your browser will die way before running 50 Generators.

Usually, 5-6 browser instances will be enough to calculate the necessary strategies.

You can expand the number of strategies per collection to 300 from the settings.

Please "Download" your collections before closing the browser tab. The browser stores all data in a single place and overrides the older data when using multiple instances.

If you want to fill better, run one FSB Pro instance to make the rest CPU cores busy. It will also help to warm the planet faster.