Topic: Dll loading bug

It has been for ages. Shortly - in some circumstances the indicator dll-file is not updated and hence the changes made to an indicator do not make it into the program. Dll file has to be manually deleted and FSB restarted in order to have a corresponding dll file compiled. Indicator source code is checked for errors but dll file stays at its old version.

Re: Dll loading bug

Thank you for reporting this issue!

I'll check it and will try to fix it for the upcoming FSB Pro v4.0 release.

FSB Pro compares the source code date and the DLL date and if the resource cod is newer, it recompiles it.
I'll check if the code works when we only modify a current indicator.

Re: Dll loading bug

If it helps, then usually this occurs when Pro is closed and restarted. Today I took an indi I worked on a week ago and I had to delete dll-file to see my current additions on chart.