Topic: Start MT5 automalically with several new EAs

I want to automate my processes to save my time doing all manually.

My first goal in this process is:
- Open an MT5 (without any Symbol-View inside - that i deleted manually)
- with several EAs on different Symbols and Timeframes.

During my search i found the: configuration.ini File
It sounds perfekt for my need.

But: By starting MT5 with my personal config.ini I can only give 1 (ONE) Symbol, Timeframe, EA(!!!)
Not 99 for this MT5.

My next idea for this was a small Batch-Script with a loop of max. 99.
Open MT5 with config.ini, kill the process, change the ini File and loop this way.
But the EA startet with the ini File will not be remembered in MT5, the Symbol-Timeframe stay without the EA.

Is there another way to start MT5 with several EAs programmatically?
Or is the config.ini the right way. Only i dont know all parameters around?

I am pretty sure, nobody starts hundrets of new EAs weekly manually by hand

Did you have any good idea for me? To solve my Problem.
Thank you.

Re: Start MT5 automalically with several new EAs

It´s not for MT5 but MT4, but does that for MT4. Maybe you can get a hint of how he does it and implement it for MT5.

Re: Start MT5 automalically with several new EAs

This looks really fine. And it is open source.
If there will be no other option, this can be a good entry point.

Thank you.

Re: Start MT5 automalically with several new EAs

For everybody interested in the future in this point.
I have analysed my poind out, without any search engine from the web.
In the web I have found nothing helpfull.

It was helpfull to analyse what Files into the MT4/5 installation was modified at any possible change.
Than i draw a simple flow-chart to understand all a little bid better.
This need some time, but i have first to understand everything around.

In the end my question is a quite simple thing ...
70% of my coding is done until now.

I hope this help somebody in the future.