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There's been a lot of helpful information posted here. Wondering if anyone in the group has compiled a listing of "proven indicators" that they might be willing to share?

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It's a really good idea. However, it is not easy to prove that some indicator (or whatever piece of software) works properly in all conditions. I recently found out some issues in indicators that have been written by me 7-8 years ago.

Probably will be good to make some notes about how we can check an indicator:
- An indicator must not crash in all possible scenarios. We can check it by setting all parameters to their minimum and maximum values on different time frames. Checking all logic rules for all possible indicator slot types.
- The description of the indicator logic, generated by the program, must correspond to the indicator logic rules and application.
- The indicator chart must be correct in both representations - default and "true charts".
- Special attention must be  drown to the "Use previous bar value" option. Please refer to the user manual for further details on that topic.
- An indicator must have equal values in both programs - FSB and FST. To check that, you have to export data from MT4 to FSB.
- It can be checked (but it's not reliable enough) if the indicator has the same values as an indicator in other application. For example MetaTrader. Please note that the formulas or the calculation method may be different.
- Comparing signals between FSB and FST. That is very important subject. All indicators must behave equally in both programs. Reasons for deviation can be:
    - different length of the data series (the number of bars in FST can be increased;
    - slippage - FSB calculates the signal on the order price, FST uses first possible price;
    - data gaps and canceled order due to network or broker issues.
- Comparing signals between FSB / FST and other software (ex. MT4). This is not so reliable factor because our software uses more sophisticated criteria for calculating the signals. (You can use the provided source code for reference.)
- Changing the indicator source in order to simulate different behavior. (You can easily make a custom indicator for the original ones.)

As you see, this is a lot of work that includes several bear traps. So I’ll ask you for a constant attention when using the software and all the indicators. We can greatly improve them by analysing all specific cases and issues you are noticing.

Re: Proven Indicators - got them?

I found these custom indicators that are created by Popov. I think that these indicators are safe.

Laguerre indicator … indicator/

Three Bars Swing Pattern … dalhoseny/

I have also experienced that HTF custom indicators will show unreal results never reachable during the forward testing.