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Topic: Can´t load next/previous from the "Collection"

Hi Mr. Popov,

sometimes I can´t load the next/previous from the collection. Please see this video:


This usually happens after I´ve loaded a previous collection directly via the "Upload" feature in the "Collection", then select a different data horizon and click "Recalculate". While I can select the strategies manually by clicking on them from the "Collection", the load next/previous doesn´t work anymore.

Sometimes it also works, but just goes through a loop of about 4 to 5 strategies from the collection, while the collection holds 50+ strategies. It´s very strange behavior. Maybe you can fix it?

Thank you very much and have a nice Sunday.

Re: Can´t load next/previous from the "Collection"

Thank you for the report.

I check the source code and found it Previous / Next strategy features takes the current strategy as a reference (as expected).

However, when we change the Collection, the program may not find such a strategy in the new Collection as a reference point and simply rejects the operation.

I uploaded an update, which loads the first strategy from the new Collection in such a case.

Re: Can´t load next/previous from the "Collection"

Thank you, it looks like it´s fixed :-)

Re: Can´t load next/previous from the "Collection"

I am having the issue again, it won´t load any of the next/previous strategies, although there are 19 in the collection. Here is what I´ve done to arrive at the problem:

Optimized an existing strategy while adding all optimized results to the collection. This created 19 entries. I´ve then changed the data horizon (shorter) and clicked Recalculate in the Collection. Then I´ve made the data horizon bigger again and clicked Recalculate again. After this, it´s impossible to switch between strategies once again.

Re: Can´t load next/previous from the "Collection"

Can you possibly fix this, Mr. Popov? It´s still broken and I´d really like it to work for a fast workflow, as I try to use as many keyboard shortcuts as possible to navigate the collections. Thanks so much.

Re: Can´t load next/previous from the "Collection"

Hello GeekTrader,

The Optimiser pushes strategies with the same major ID number (the number before the dot) and different minor ID numbers when we use "Add the optimized strategies to the Collection".

However, it appeared Ctrl + -> cycles through major versions only, which explains your issue.
Now I removed this limitation and it cycles through all the available strategies.

I don't remember why it was like before. Anyway, please test it. If it needs additional fixes we will do it.

Re: Can´t load next/previous from the "Collection"

Hi Mr. Popov,

thank you for looking into this, but the issue still exists with the new 2022.1.25 version. It´s also not related to sub ID´s, the switching also fails for major ID numbers still sometimes (after recalculating or importing a previous collection). Can you look into this again?

Thank you again.