Topic: delay in trading

hello everyone
i have created an EA for the pair GBPUSD and it does not trade correctly as it should be...
i have the same issue with the expert when i run it while the EA already has an open position. so its okay i should run it when the position is flat... but sometimes even when the position is flat it makes mistakes usualy at midnight 00.15 /00.03/00.5/00.00 a.m it  opens a wrong position again.. can anyone give me a tip ?
like a code that force the EA to open positions after 12.30 or the EA receive the signal and run it after 10or15 minuets!

Re: delay in trading

A strategy opens a position only if the indicators give a signal in that direction. It means, that this is only possible if there is one or several indicators that give different signals in FSB Pro and in MT around midnight. You can debug this case by comparing the indicator values.

Do that and see what indicator values differ. Then you will know from where the problem is coming.

Re: delay in trading

The problem is not with indicators because in MT4 backrest everything is ok , also if it was indicators problem we have the problem every where not only at midnight!