Topic: OOS in FSB green part


I would like to know if it is possible to show up the OOS part in the "Repository" ?
It would be great to show the OOS part quickly like EA Studio do in the collection.

Thank you

Re: OOS in FSB green part

We designed EA Studio from scratch using our experience form FSB Pro and taking into account new features.

For example, the OOS zone in collection is possible because the EA Studio strategies have records for their last calculations results and date. EA Studio uses this information to determine the OOS zone.

We may retrofit this feature in FSB if we decide to make a major rewrite of the program, but this is less probably.

We mainly develop EA Studio because it provides better opportunities. A simple fact is that we uploaded 49 new versions of EA Studio for the last two days and more than 100 for two weeks. Most of the changes are non-critical optimizations and there is no need to force re-load. But it makes it possible to do it and we see the results. This cannot work for FSB Pro.

Re: OOS in FSB green part

Thank you for you're quick and precise answer.

Appreciate it wink