Topic: Maximum Bars setting

Somehow I have made the maximum bars to be 300, and athough I have a lot of data and have set the maximum to 50,000 in the Data Horizon..... I still get only 300 bars..

Can someone tell me what I have done wrong...?

Thanks so much

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Re: Maximum Bars setting

If you cannot figure out what setting limits the data bars, you can always use the "Reset". It's located under the "Tools" menu.

Important: The reset doesn't change the instrument settings. That means that the spread, swaps, or symbols will be unchanged.

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Re: Maximum Bars setting

'Reset' may become my most used key....... based on the number of mistakes I make per

What I am attempting to do is top move through my data, 50,000 bars at a time to get an idea as to what sort of results my strategy will produce....

I would like to go back about three years to ensure that I have exposed the strategy to several types of markets and then examine for continuity in results.

I have attempted to use the  reset and restarted the program, I am still unable to access data as far back as January 2009 or prior by using  Data Horizon

Is there another method to set a 'start date' so that I can work my way through the data.....

I must be doing something wrong as I am sure that in the creation of the program, people were backtesting thoroughly.



My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....