Topic: Donchian Channel - Issues

I'm new here and am very excited about Expert Advisor Studio. 

My problem is the following:  I've built several strategies using Donchian Channels.  They test well in EA Studio, but when I test the same strategies in MT4 they just fail...Not even close to the same journal.  It's like MT4 doesn't recognize Donchian Channels.  From what I understand, the indicator is coded in to the EA, correct?  Strategies I've built using other indicators test out fine with similar journaled results in EA Studio and MT4 Strategy Tester.  Am I missing something here? 


Re: Donchian Channel - Issues

Nevermind.  I figured out how to import broker data.  I also figured out that my broker kinda sucks...  :-)  Just switched and now I'm building strategies based on the new broker's data.

Re: Donchian Channel - Issues

Hi mate,
That being said, be careful with broker data dependencies... In case you switch brokers once you have built your EAs make sure to test first.
It is a common/general issue from my experience (not just EA Studio or FSB related).