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i dont know why but something has changed.

My workflow was open some Tabs put in in a 2nd 3rd Desktop and let eas run.

No it is impossible to let it run in 2nd and 3rd Desktop. Seems that eas have to be active in Front.

Can someone have the same right now ?

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Re: Browser Slowdowns the Inactive Tabs

Yes.  I have the same problem....  Something has changed.....  Started doing it 2 days ago or so.....  I haven't done an update on chrome or windows so I don't think it is that.....

Re: Browser Slowdowns the Inactive Tabs

same to me

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Re: Browser Slowdowns the Inactive Tabs

Hi guys,

I had the same problem. I found the solution.


Use Edge. Edge and Chrome are based on the Chromium browser.

Edge does not stall whether you put in another desktop or close your RDP connection to your personal server.

Re: Browser Slowdowns the Inactive Tabs

Hi all,

My Edge has now begun to do the same - anybody else have the same problem?

Re: Browser Slowdowns the Inactive Tabs

There was a bigger chrome update couple of days ago, seems significant.

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Yes same here....  I have 2 PCs.  The one that does not allow any updates is fine.  The one that updated is now affected.  I have tried uninstalling updates and even rolling my PC back to previous restore points.  Microsoft will not allow you to remove updates from Edge.  Anyone else have similar problems and any answers......  This is becoming a pain in the ASS.........

Re: Browser Slowdowns the Inactive Tabs

If it is all about browser behaviour, then it's looking bad because it's out of developer's hands. I'll try to get some more info about this.

There's a workaround of sorts... Remove the browser completely and install an older version with updating turned off. I know I had hard time doing that to chrome couple of years ago, with the newest version it might be even harder, I swear google is worse than gestapo.

Re: Browser Slowdowns the Inactive Tabs

I have now for a few hours run four sessions of Reactor on each their virtual desktop. I use the Opera browser and they all run continuously in parallel. The browser has version no. 72.0.3815.378. If Opera also gets into the same problems as Edge and Chrome in the future, I can see that at and at the very bottom of the page there is an archived with former versions of Opera, so it should be possible to find one previous version which hopefully can run multiple Reactor's at the same time.

Re: Browser Slowdowns the Inactive Tabs

Hi all,

Here are two solutions:

1) Those with 2 pcs. Do not use RDP (Microsoft's Remote Desktop method). Use VNC to remote into your personal PC. You can use Edge or Chrome

2) Both Edge and Chrome have been updated. However, you can retrieve the stable version of Chromium which Edge and Chrome use to develop their browser like the steps below:

Lastly, download Chromium and install.

There you go! Two solutions.