Topic: Working on Premium Data Feed for FSB Pro

Hello Traders,

I'm very glad to announce that my first tests on integrating of the new Premium Data Feed in FSB Pro are very successful.

I'm adding all symbols from Download Historical Forex Data in FSB Pro.

I still have a lot to do, but I hope that we have the new FSB Pro uploaded around September 13th.

I still have to:
- make FSB Pro creating Data Source records for each new downloaded symbol with proper defaults
- increase the default Max bars to 200 000.
- make the default entry lot of the strategies 0.1 (also fixing the default adding and max lots)
- fix some issues of the auto-updater
- make some other minor fixes.

Trade safe!

Re: Working on Premium Data Feed for FSB Pro

This is great news.!

It is a lot of work but will make FSB stand out of the crowd, and allow back testing more useful.