Topic: How much broker history is recommended for generating 1H EAs?

How much broker history is recommended for generating 1H EAs? QUESTION FROM ameljohny ,


How much data is recommended for generating H1 EA’s?

For any of the recommendations in the amount of data used for training EA’s for any period of time, please consider:

•    Data from the past does not guarantee future performance, so not matter how much data you put in the history, there is a level of uncertainty. (you can use tools like Monte Carlo to minimize such a risk)

•    Some great EA that shows great performance for the last 3 months in any TIME FRAME, once you expand the time frame to let’s say 6 moths of data (BACKWARD TO THE PAST), the same EA’s could give you terrible results.

•    THE DATA SERIES ARE DRIVEN BY MORE THAN OFFER AND DEMAND, if it where only offers and demand the indicators probably will be a bit more reliable, but they are not.

•    The main currency EURUSD, many EA’s could be successful, but in the rest of currencies, is extremely hard to find any EA that mediocrely perform in the green.

•    The amount of history and time frame to be given to any EA, is dependent also in the type of PAIR traded, since all of them behave entirely different except for EURUSD and DXY (Dollar index) which they move almost 100% opposite to each other.

I will like to hear some comments from more experience traders as to the amount of history time suggestions for any EA.


Re: How much broker history is recommended for generating 1H EAs?

First question to ask is do you have a proper system to trade ? Which kind of system ? Trend trading or mean reverting or pattern trading or breakout trading ?  How long do you wanna stay in the market ? 1hour or 2days or 1week ? If you have certain idea or a method then your the only one who can decide how much data is required to backtest or optimize ...  Question of how much data is required to backtest is completely random.. it simply says you have no system or you have no confidence in your system yet..