Topic: collective intelligence group to develop EA's.

If any of you are interested in creating a collective intelligence group to develop EA’s for mutual benefit please contact me via PM.
The objective is to discuss in detail and provide constructive criticism and improve the odds of the effectiveness of the EA’s created with FSB in the market.
Ideally the collective intelligence group could be developed inside the Forum but an additional Repository of EA’s in development must be created, since the existing repository is extremely basic and does not contain new ideas in developing mode nor the existing repository allow the users to download any material.
Mr. Popov could help us to create this new repository of “In developing” EA’s.
The ultimate objective is to be able to develop a complete repository that contain a robot for every basic state of the market and time frame.
I know this is possible a community effort, knowing that there is no HOLLY GRAIL and that is good today may not be tomorrow. But also knowing that the market trends only 30% of the time and consolidation the rest of the time, allow us to categorize the repository the EA’s by:  that type of market and increases our chances of success.
There are no secrets, and the exposure of any development of EA’s will not affect the market, but will allow us to profit a bit better using the collective intelligence tool.
This forum addresses the collective intelligence of the developing of EA’s with FSB, in many ways. This proposal is for specific download/ upload of EA’s and categorizing them by use, market, and time frame.
This community intelligence EA developing section is about: creating, categorizing EA’s for the benefit of the participants.
So please if you are interested please PM me.
Thank you