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Topic: MT5 Backtest doesn't work

Hi, recently I was making some strategies mostly based on Percentage entry, but they seem to don't work with the MT5 tester. What would be the problem? My strategies are based on 2-3 indicators. I attach the strategy and EA. 200 USD deposit and 500 leverage. testing from 2019-05-20 to 2020-05-07

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Re: MT5 Backtest doesn't work

In what way they don't seem to work? Don't compile? What are error messages? You need to give more info.

Re: MT5 Backtest doesn't work

Hi, sorry for lack of information, it compliles no error messages, they just don't trade. They don't make orders.

Re: MT5 Backtest doesn't work

It works fine as far as I can see. You probably have strategy properties not suitable to your account.