Topic: BarOpening as Closing Point

I wonder why "Bar Opening" is not used as Closing point in FSB Pro but is used in EAS.
Are there any technical issues to enable "Bar Opening" as Closing point in custom indicator in FSB Pro?

Re: BarOpening as Closing Point

EAS is made for speed and since MT doesn't declare a bar closing event (every tick apart from the opening one is a close price tick), it makes much sense to use bar opening as the closing point.

I think very long time ago I experimented with your idea, I think I wasn't particularly successful, but currently I don't see big obstacles for achieving it.

Re: BarOpening as Closing Point

Looong time ago, lets' say 15 years before I was thinking that the most reasonable way is to open a position at Bar Open and to close it at Bar Close (or within the bar at a price determined by some indicator). However, it appeared that it is very difficult or literarily impossible to act on Bar Closing. Years later I realised that the difference between Bar Closing and the next Bar Opening is one tick. Philosophically speaking Bar Closing and the next Bar Opening happens at the same moment, but the trading platforms plot Bar Open at the first tick after the time of the bar opening.

When we designed EA Studio, we used closing positions at Bar Closing as in FSB Pro, it worked well, however, we tested also closing at Bar open and found out it was better.

Currently, we cannot make FSB Pro closing positions at Bar Open because of teh way the backtesting methods work. This is an obstacle that makes impossible to import strategies from EA Studio in FSB Pro. My plans are to find a solution to this problem and to make the strategy import possible.