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hi  Popov or any other person

I have a question i have a strategy that trades negatively correlated pairs or any pairs that exploit the stagnation periods so i have experts trading live and experts trading demo and a circuit breaker to indicate when to move live experts to sim mode (demo) and when to move experts from demo to live  , the live account is traded on a seprate computer because in wonderful sunny south africa we have third internet service and power utility the seperate machine is stable .

should i have the live and demo account with experts on the live trading computer

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Windows 10 is very stable nowadays. I'm using a Win 10 Pro and it allows to disable updates and restarts. However, I noticed that my antivirus program ( Norton ) forcefully restarts the computer form time to time. For that reason, I have a separate computer for important things, which has only MT installed and other stuff that I really need. It makes it very secure and doesn't need an antivirus. Probably it is a good idea to use such a machine for live trading. I'm using a laptop with a new battery, which makes it running up to 5 hours without power. My router is also on a UPS.  Anyway, I  found out that a mobile phone with 4/5 G network as a backup internet connection is more reliable in case of power interruption.

On the other hand, a good VPS is also an option. The best benefit is that network connectivity is usually much faster and secure form what we can do from home. In the ideal case, the VPS can be near or into the same data centre where the broker's trading server is.

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thanks what happened though is on my seprate computer that has the expert advisor trading on the live account when i switched to the demo on the same machine and came back to the live the experts were no longer trading

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I reccomend VPS or public cloud near the brouker. This way you get a smaller latency and high failover. Usually no power or internet connection problems.