Topic: please help me test this strategy

i would like my strategy to test out, please help. thank you.

1. currency:EU
2. trade only on every tue, wed, thus, friday (4 days per week)
3. entry time 20.00 to 23.59
4. buy when MA3 above MA35
5. sell when MA3 below MA35
6. exit when target hit 8 pips or SL 35 pips

Thank you

Re: please help me test this strategy

Forex Strategy Builder v2.5.3.0
Strategy name: New
Exported on: 9/7/2007 11:16:24 AM

Market: EURUSD 1 Hour   #####  the entry hour filter needs of maximum hourly chart
Spread: 4 pips
Swap Number: 1 pip

Intrabar scanning: Not accomplished
Interpolation method: Pessimistic scenario
Ambiguous bars: 0
Tested bars: 16505
Balance: -463 pips
Minimum account: -463 pips
Maximum drawdown: 506 pips
Time in position: 3 %

A same direction signal - Does nothing
An opposite direction signal - Reverses the position   #### Reversing when MA3 crosses MA35 downwards

[Opening point of the position]
Bar Opening
     Enter the market at the beginning of the bar
     Base price  -  Open

[Opening logic condition]
Day of week
     Enter the market between the specified days
     From  -  Tuesday   #### including Tuesday
     Until  -  Saturday   #### till Saturday, but not including it

[Opening logic condition]
Entry Time
     Enter the market between the specified hours
     From  -  20
     Until  -  24

[Opening logic condition]
Moving Averages Crossover
     The Fats MA crosses the Slow MA upward
     Base price  -  Close
     Fast MA method  -  Simple
     Slow MA method  -  Simple
     Fast MA period  -  3
     Slow MA period  -  35
     Fast MA shift  -  0
     Slow MA shift  -  0
     Use previous bar value  -  Yes

[Closing point of the position]
Stop Limit
     Exit at Stop Loss or at Take Profit level
     Stop Loss  -  -35
     Take Profit  -  8