Topic: New idea for acceptance criteria

Hi Popov,

Two ideas i have:

1. Could we put the acceptance criteria in the generator/reactor screen so we don’t have to keep going back into settings.

2. Is t possible (I don’t know exactly how to measure) to have a ‘high water mark’ as acceptance criteria ie measure how far the market moves against an open position before coming into the positive and closing as a winner. This would allow some sort of entry accuracy measurement of a strategy that we can put in the acceptance criteria. Possibly the best way would be pips as a measurement.

Re: New idea for acceptance criteria

EA Studio remembers the active subpage under the Tools menu. It makes the Acceptance Criteria one click away from the Generator.

We cannot simply move the Acceptance Criteria under the Generator page because they are used by other tools also, which makes it logical to be on a separate page.

Entry Accuracy metric is an interesting idea.