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Topic: Got error when compile ea in MT5

I got an error when compile EA in MT5

'NormalizeComponentValue' - function already defined and has different type

I found there were two "NormalizeComponentValue" in source code. I hide one of from still got error

I attached the code.

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Re: Got error when compile ea in MT5

The MT5 expert must be exported flawlessly. Most probably there is something wrong with the local MQL5 files.

You can force FSB Pro to recover the latest versions of the original files from the program's update server.
- Please navigate to the C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\MT4 Files\MQL folder and delete the content.
- Start FSB Pro.
- The program will download the newest MQL files about 20 seconds after the start. You will see the new files in the folder and also you will see an update message in the program.
- Download again the custom indicators you use in order to recover their MQL files. You may do it later. FSB Pro will warn you if a file is missing.

Please post an update regarding the case.

Re: Got error when compile ea in MT5

I found that the latest version of MT5 does not support the ea source code exported from FSB Pro.

Re: Got error when compile ea in MT5

You are right. Thank you for the report!

The Expert Advisor code is updated to v49.  The update fixes the reported issue.

Please restart FSB Pro in order to update the MQL code.

Re: Got error when compile ea in MT5

Thanks for the update. However, there is another error was found when doing backtesting

2019.07.12 16:39:05.563    Core 1    2018.02.05 09:45:00   Error: ActionTrade::ManageOrderSend(): OrderCheck(): Invalid order filling type

Re: Got error when compile ea in MT5

Please see this post: Invalid order filling type.