Topic: Generator Preset Indicator Bug?

When I use the preset indicator "Do not Exit"
run the generator than EA Studio finds strategies with do not exit and add another indicator for exit rule.

But this might be a bug cause I say with my preset that exit not allowed by the indicator.

Re: Generator Preset Indicator Bug?

We are aware of that behaviour.

The ideal solution is to make it work as in FSB Pro - to be able to set how many entry and exit rules to be used. Now we can present one Exit indicator and the Generator generates one more exit rule.

Until we do that, you can disable all the "Exit rules" indicators from Tool -> Available Indicators except "Do not Exit'.  The Generator may add one more "Do not Exit" indicator, but this is not a problem and will work as you expect.

Please be sure you enable Stop Loss and/or Take profit because the strategy needs an exit method.