Topic: Spreadbet Pricing

Is it possible? Perhaps via changing some of the values in the symbols page?

To clarify what spreadbet pricing is its basically simple pricing. So with FX a trade volume of 1 (1 Lot) would give a variable return on 1 pip profit based on whats being traded. In spreadbetting a trade volume of 1 is £1 per pip regardless of whats being traded.

So a profit of 10 pips with a trade volume of 1 would be £10 profit for EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD and whatever.

Can it be done in FSB?

Re: Spreadbet Pricing

Right now that's not possible, but It's a good idea!

I see many players in BRAZIL doing the same thing with stocks.
EA Studio is already an awesome backtester! I think we can implement such strategy "spread betting and Long-Short Strategy" with an ease. Thank you for you suggestion Noble-6. I'll keep this in mind and suggest it to Popov for the next's releases.

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Re: Spreadbet Pricing

Please tell me is it now possible to have spread betting backtested using ForexSB and strategies developed too?