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Hi Guys!

I have been following FSB for many years now and have had a monthly sub for a year or so in 2015, had to stop and withdrawal my money from forex as we were buying a house.

Its been a while and looking to get started again, I have downloaded the FSB demo and just have a few questions before i get money involved again.

1. My broker live account is in AUD as i'm an Aussie, will this effect FSB Pro as there are only USD and EUR in the options and i don't want to play an additional market in the case of my balance changing in value compared to my base currency constantly.

2. My Internet and power out here in the desert in Aus is average and ping to my Broker is up to 300ms, should i look at a vps

3. Ea studio and the portfolio trading system looks interesting and I have had a bit of a play, I see this is possible in FSB Pro with the use of a few extra naming convention steps and user SLeytus's paid tool, is this something that will be coming directly to FSB as well in the future?

I think that covers the important ones for now, disregarding questions like which time frame is best to use etc.

Thanks in advance guys and gals. Look forward to getting to know everyone. Cheers

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Hello ParticleMan,

Thank you for following the community and testing the software!

> 1. My broker live account is in AUD as i'm an Aussie,...

It is OK to generate strategies with other account currency. Ill stats will be the same except some scaling of the profit. Choose the one that is near to AUD. I'll also add AUD to the Account Currencies list in the next major release of FSB Pro (expected on the summer).

> 2. My Internet and power out here in the desert in Aus is average and ping to my Broker is up to 300ms, should i look at a vps

Both FSB Pro and EA Studio will work normally. However it is strange why an Australian broker has so high ping in Australia. Probably their servers are in Europe or in USA. You can ask them for that because it matters if you decide where to take a VPS. The nearer to the broker's server, the better. Please note that the Demo and the Live servers are normally different or the transactions pass through different proxy servers.

> Portfolio in FSB Pro...

We don't have immediate plans for adding Portfolio Experts in FSB Pro. You correctly noted that that function is available in EA Studio and via the Portfolio Maker. We still want to improve the Portfolio capability of EA Studio.

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Thank you very much for the fast reply Popov

that is great news regarding the AUD, you are a legend

I checked and yes the servers are located in USA including the demos so i guess vps will be the way to go

Thanks again Popov!, that's enough to get me started, i'm sure i will have plenty more questions in the future.

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You are welcome!

The best place to start is the user guides of the programs.

You can watch the YouTube channel.

This forum has priceless information from unbiased experienced users and traders.

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Thank you Popov

Its great to see such responses from the developer of the software
I can see it has been a passion and a massive undertaking on your behalf and the community

I will Continue reading and watching everything available
and ask if i get stuck on anything

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Hello, welcome to the forum!