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Have not been able to generate a Strategy with a trailing stop, does this feature work?

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All features of EA Studio must work as expected. It must be some other limitation that prevent the Generator to find a strategy. As a start, switch off the Trailing Stop. If it doesn't find strategies, switch off the Acceptance Criteria and Preset Indicators. You can also reduce the entry amount.

In my test the Generator found 100 strategies  with Trailing Stop for 1 minute.

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I have to confirm this. EA Studio did not create not even ONE profitable strategy that uses the trailing stop instead of the stop loss, and I´ve been using it for over half a year. All strategies that are profitable use a simple stop loss. So I also suspect something is not right with this feature.

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EA Studio did not create not even ONE profitable strategy that uses the trailing stop

What do you exactly mean?
Are you saying that EA Studio does not generate strategies with Trailing Stop?
Or it generates strategies, but they do not show the same result in the MT tester?
Or they show the same result on MT Tester but do not make profit after that?
Or something else?

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If you have a read through the post I made last night in the thread I created about MT4 data you will see I made a lengthy post about some very interesting results I found with EA’s created with trailing stops.

I have created many with trailing stops but the stops do not work as intended and result in big losses in backtesting/report in EA Studio.

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I just tested a strategy with Trailing Stop Loss in MT tester and received the same result as in EA Studio.

If you experience any discrepancy, please report it and we will investigate the case.

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I will test a strategy and post it in technical with the discrepancies, I’ve tested several more today all with different results. As soon as I test with a fixed stop the results are identical.

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Apart from that EA Studio does not find any "good" profitable strategies that use trailing stops (does not mean the trailing stop is not working, because in EA Studio it is fine), trailing stops seem to have issues in backtests and especially if using strategies with a trailing stop within a portfolio MQ4 - there they definitely don´t seem to work correctly in the MT4 backtests.