Topic: Diferences between Expert Advisor Studio


Im new at this software. I tested the Expert Advisor Studio and could generate some strategies using USDJPY on H1, M5 and M1. But when using Forex Strategy Builder Profssional Generator, I couldn't generate even the half of the strategies. On M1 for example, I could'n generate any stretagy (more than 13k tries). In the Expert Advisor Studio, with the same amount of tries I have generated a lot of strategies in my collection.

I imagine that the problem could be configuration, but I checked twice, I have placed the same configuration where possible.

Can someone help me? Is the same GENERATOR or they are different software/logic?


Re: Diferences between Expert Advisor Studio

The reason is that EA Studio has less indicators and strategy parameters than FSB Pro, which makes its Generator faster and more productive. You can see more detailed comparison here: Forex Strategy Builder Professional and Expert Advisor Studio

Re: Diferences between Expert Advisor Studio

Thank you for your response!

Ok, next time I will try to configure less indicators to see what happens. See if I can get better performance with some configuration changes. Very nice software by the way!