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Forex Strategy Builder Professional and Expert Advisor Studio

Hello Traders,

Our company Forex Software Ltd develops platforms for creating and testing trading strategies since 2001. We invented a fast and reliable backtesting algorithm, which gave us the opportunity to compose the world’s first Strategy Generator. We made it publicly available in our first product Forex Strategy Builder on 2006.

We continued developing and improving the backtesting engine and added many useful tools to the program as Strategy Optimizer, Multi Market Tester, Monte Carlo Tester and more. On 2010 we announced the Forex Strategy Trader – a separate program, which trades the FSB strategies directly in MetaTrader 4 by using a bridge.

On 2014 we announced our new product Forex Strategy Builder Professional. The biggest improvement in it was the ability to export fully featured Expert Advisors for MT4.

On 2016 we created a lighter and faster online application – Expert Advisor Studio.

Both programs are very similar in nature but offers different user experience and possibilities.

In general EA Studio and FSB Pro are capable to generate, test, analyze and export expert advisors for MT4 and MT5.

Here are the best characteristics of the platforms:

Forex Strategy Builder Professional

  • It is a desktop software that can be used offline on a Windows machine
  • It uses multithread algorithm and can utilize the full power of your CPU
  • The program has user interface with Tabs, which give you opportunities to work with several strategies and even to run several Strategy Generators. However, for a best performance, you can open several copies of FSB Pro.
  • FSB Pro has advanced backtesting engine and provides 5 different interpolating algorithms.
  • The program detects the so called Ambiguous Bars and makes the safest possible calculations (Pessimistic algorithm), which guarantees that the real live results are always equal or better than the test.
  • FSB Pro can import historical files (.HST) from MT with one click.
  • It has a detailed Overview of the strategy’s trading rules.
  • The program has an advanced strategy structure. You can set indicators that determines the entry and the exit points of the position.
  • FSB Pro supports adding and reducing the positions on a next entry signal.
  • It provides entry size in fixed lots or per-cent of the account.
  • There is a special tool – Method Comparator, which calculates and shows the strategy performance by using all interpolations methods. This tool shows how reliable is the backtest on bar data.
  • FSB Pro can import and use Tick Data from Jforex, but because the special structure of the strategy and the advanced backtesting algorithm the Bar based data are fully reliable.
  • FSB Pro comes with about 100 integrated indicators and it also supports custom indicators written in C#. Currently our community has developed about 100 more custom indicators.
  • FSB Pro collects the generated strategies in collections and allows easy sorting and filtering. You can have more than one Strategy Collection.

Expert Advisor Studio

EA Studio has the same general functionality as FSB Pro. It has Strategy Generator, Strategy Optimizer, Monte Carlo

Here are the specifics of EA Studio:

  • EA Studio is an online application. It works in all modern browsers (The Google’s Chrome browser is the fastest one at the moment).
  • The application has a lighter and more optimized backtesting algorithm. It opens and closes positions only at Bar Open. This simplification has a huge effect on the performance and the reliability. As a result, the backtest is much faster than FSB Pro and allows us to make even more advanced tools.
  • EA Studio uses the MetaTrader’s integrated indicators, which makes the experts faster and more reliable.
  • It provides a unique automated workflow for creating and testing strategies – Strategy Reactor.
  • The Strategy Reactor automatically generates new strategies, optimize them and later automatically performs robustness testing with Monte Carlo and Multi Market.
  • A Correlation Analysis module works in the Strategy Collection. It can detect strategies with near balance line curves as well as strategies with similar trading rules.
  • EA Studio comes with our recently invented technology – Strategy Portfolio. It allows you to include many strategies in a single Expert Advisor. It is much easier to trade one Expert on a single MT4 chart instead of attaching each strategy to a separate chart and to set different Magic numbers.
  • The newest addition to EA Studio is a Walk Forward validation module. It makes the application even better.

EA Studio is extremely fast. Here is a feedback from one of the professional traders that push the app to the limits: Topic: Expert Advisor Studio is too fast!

Both Platforms Together

We know that both EA Studio and FSB Pro are very useful for our users and we provide them in an Optimal Pack on a very effective price.