Topic: MQL code is updated to v47 - Covers issues in MT5

Hello Traders,

We released a new version of the MQL code, now version 47. The changes are only in the MT5 code.

The update covers a problem in MT5 - inability to set a proper Order Filling Type.

We found out there is a bug either in MT5 or in some brokers settings, which make it impossible to get the correct filling type from the MT platform. Fortunately, we found a workaround that works for the problematic brokers.

We hope our solution will work even if MetaQuotes fix that behavior.

If your experts work fine, you don't need to re-export them.

Your MQL code will be updated automatically after restarting FSB Pro.

Please report any problems in the forum and we will find a solution.

Trade Safe!

Re: MQL code is updated to v47 - Covers issues in MT5

After update exported EAs stopped making trades in mt5 tester ... Is there any way to make it work again? Or somehow to revert to older mql code version?

Error: ActionTrade::ManageOrderSend(): OrderCheck(): Invalid order filling type

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Re: MQL code is updated to v47 - Covers issues in MT5

Hi again,
After stopping ignoring me smile please post something if there is gonna be solution to this issue with mt5 tester. Or I need to expect permanent not working mt5 tester with fsb exported EAs? Due this issue my work is halted, and no further experimentation with "system parameter permutation" and "parameter sweep"... which would be unbelievable sad, because it is very promising for now! If later is the case, and no further effort will be made to make EAs work again in mt5 tester, please point out some code line, what I can change manually in mql5 files to avoid this error.
Have a nice day

Re: MQL code is updated to v47 - Covers issues in MT5

It looks like I cannot find a way to make the MT5 experts working for all traders. MT5 has a bug which makes it impossible to detect the Order filling type from the code. There only three variants, a function that returns the filling type and a function for checking the correct type. It must be a piece of cake for anyone to make it working, but it is absolutely broken in MT5.

Now we have at least one user that reported this fix works for him and one user that reports that the fix doesn't work.

For now I leave this case open.

I hope MetaQuotes will make something to fix MT5.