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Want to create an EA for the following turtle strategy

Rules are as per follows:
Wait for a NEW 20 period HIGH or LOW
Look for a Second Breakout, that is higher or lower than the first
More than 4 bars between breakouts
Enter on the next bar after the breakout

Please see the screenshot for better understanding

I have not made a strategy before on FSB and only have used the generated ones. Please take the time so that we all may learn from this process of building strategies.


Re: Turtle Strategy

Use the Donchian Channel Indicator

Re: Turtle Strategy

Thanks...sorry for the late reply..was busy with my day job...not lucky enough to do Forex fulltime

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Lopane wrote:

I think it is really a complex strategy and it is difficult to understand what you are trying to explain. You need to make a simple strategy for yourself and which will also be helpful for the newbies on this forum. Best of luck!

It consists of a couple Donchian channels of different specs...  not complicated.