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What does validator do. I generated strategies and 29 passed and moved to the collection. I saved it to a json file and then went to validator. Loaded this file and ran the validator. Please see the screenshot for the results. I did not change any settings. Did not change the condition of MC also. Should I discard the collection? I am lost.
Please advise.

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Have you checked the Acceptance Criteria?  Why not try unchecking "The strategies fulfill the Acceptance Criteria" and see if that makes a difference.

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Do you use the same market? It looks like you "validated" the strategies against different symbol or period.

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Let me check and will advise. Thanks

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I think to add two options:
- "Use the strategy's original market" - it will load and calculate each strategy against the data it was created on.
- "Override the strategy's market" - it will work as it works now.

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Re: Validator

I generated EURUSD strategies with MC and 53 strategies met the criteria.

I then loaded these 53 strategies in validator....did optimization of +-20 and also MC 20 tests 90%

I was only left with 1 strategy. Is this normal. Optimization failed all strategies on MC. Please see screenshot. Also, I did not change the validation criteria and only 41 made it to the next process.


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I made a very same test.

I run the Reactor and created 5 strategies. then, I exported the Collection, cleared the Collection, load it in the Validator and run. All 5 passed.

Reactor - 5 ascended.


Validator - all 5 ascended


If you use the Reactor and the Validator with the same settings, it must produce the same output. There is no other option because Validator = Reactor. This is one and the same tool inside. The difference is that the Reactor creates new strategies and the Validator uses already created strategies.

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Weird..I must be doing something wrong.