Topic: Any MT4 journal analyzer that can do this? Or programmable?

I  want a program that produces an aggregated error journal over many trading accounts from their journals.

Name of the program: MT4 error finder

What to track:
Add button - add accounts to be tracked (unlimited number of accounts that can be added)
Track account 1 - Password 1
Track account 2 - Password 2
Track account x - Password x

What to find:
Find all error messages (red marked signs/ red stop signs) - True/False
Only find first error message per order number - True/False (avoids duplicates of order numbers, provides only first issue)
Find all warning messages (yellow exclamation mark) - True/False

Sort by date (ascending from past to future) - True/False
Sort by broker (Ascending from A to Z) - True/False
Sort by love for FSB (Ascending from 1 to 9) - True/False
Sort by type of error message (Ascending from A to Z) - True/False

From date:  example 01.01.2018
To date: example 16.01.2018

Run button - scans time frame for errors and produces a table.

Export button - turns the table into a file that contains a list (one item per line) with all found problems (file formats to choose: txt, csv, xls)

Do you know what I mean?
Any suggestions for improvement?
What solution can you provide? What type of program would provide the best solution?

Re: Any MT4 journal analyzer that can do this? Or programmable?

You might post this in Forex Factory or on the site, there you will find custom programmers who will make this sort of thing.