Topic: F S Builder

Im starting to use this software these days, and im testing it with some small real  Account on Brokers.  Because for me i cant deal with DEMO accounts like real accounts ... but  this is for me ...

Im here to ask for  some help with explanations about the Builder.
It is possible the answers are already there, and probably i couldnt find it yet.
But, it is possible im asking for something the Build cant do , or, still cant do.

1 - I cant find a way to set a Closing Logic Condition to close (seel or buy) half of position( or other part)  by setting a especific Condition (some indicator or Profit point).  So we can get some profit from that trade, and keep going with the rest of position till its final exit point.
I use to that  to prevent trading goes against you.

2 - Is it possible to make a Staregy only to get out (sell or buy) from a existing order ?

Hope someone help here.

(and sorry about limited english ... it is not my primary language)
Regards !

Re: F S Builder

1. FSB / FST don't allow partially closing due to an exit condition. The logic of the programs is so designed that they close the complete position. The reason is simple. The market move don't depend on your position. The strategy simply follows the market and if there is a closing event, the strategy closes everything. However there is another way to reduce a position. It works by setting different behavior of additional ENTRY signal in the opposite direction of the current trade.

2. You can make a strategy which don't enter the market by setting impossible entry conditions.
Enter long at Bar Opening
   when RSI > 50; and
   when RSI < 50

Even if the entry logic is not executable, the strategy is perfectly correct for FST. Its exit logic will work and is possible to use it for closing a position. (The position must be opened from FST by using the manual execution. FST is designed to control only its own positions. If you open the position directly from MT4, FST will not see it.)