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Im doing my first tests with the BO Tester, i am running 8 charts, so 8 EA on the same account, some trades are loosing, some trades are winning, so now i need to know which EA placed which trades...

Comment section just says the normal comment from the broker "UP/WIN/8.20" or  "UP/LOSS/-10.00"
There is no Magic Number in the Comment field.

There is also no trace left on the chart, like that small arrow which after you point over it with the mouse it gives the Metatrader/Broker Order No "25775962".

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Re: How differentiate which trades are from which EA

Hello Boe,

Is this the "Trading" EA or the "Signal" EA?

MT doesn't have a native support for BO trading. The brokers use third party plugins it workaround the problem. However, because there is no other way to set the expiry period, they use the "comment" field to pass that info.

Please take a look at the MT Tracker develop by Steve. It may help you. … portfolio/

Re: How differentiate which trades are from which EA

Hi Popov,

For the trading EA.

Actually I found in the html export file the magic number of the EA.

Thanks for the software, i hope it will also work for the binary bots?

Does anybody have a MQL script to batch open let's say 100 charts, and apply 100 ea to each chart?


Re: How differentiate which trades are from which EA

There is commercial software that hacks the MT profile file and sets EAs. When MT runs, it opens the preset charts and experts.
This solution has some flow and the EAs crash with errors when there is no enough bars in the new charts. We will modify the next versions of the EA code to work with this software.

I'll speak with it's author and we may present it in our community.

Re: How differentiate which trades are from which EA

Ok, that would be a good addition for sure to make life easy. smile

I try to post a job for a script and some programmers replied it must be done with template files, their script will generate .tpl file for each ea in the directory and then open charts for the pair and apply the templates.

It would really make things easy to be able to batch download 100 strategy as 1 zip file, extract the zip, and apply with 1 click to mt4 and open 100 charts )))

And best would be to read the pair and timeframe for opening the charts from the file name of the ex4 file
)) EURUSD M5 .....

An important question, is it possible to include the strategy number in the filename when I download it?
Now its like this: BOT Trading EURUSD M1 04808706
Can it become let's say: EURUSD M1 04808706 15.1.mq4

Because what happens is that I loose track of all the ea. Lets say one ea give good results after testing, i want to know from which collection it came from, so i can know which settings i used to generate the ea.

Thanks )