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Topic: Lot, Spread and Commission

While testing EAs I noticed that some profitable EAs from a friend did not make any money for me. We use the same broker. I noticed that he uses an account with no commission and a spread and I use one with commission. My spreads are narrower than his and that is the reason why EAs even in FSB failed.
I saw the video by Miroslav in which he inputs the referenced data and then does the testing.

I also noticed that by changing the lot size the EA would fail also. So I generate a strategy with 0.01 lot and it looks good.I then change the lot to 0.1 and the graph goes haywire. It that normal?

I thought that I would post this for newbies like me and would want the senior most experienced traders to comment on this.

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Re: Lot, Spread and Commission

Thank you for mentioning that. You are completely right about the importance of the correct settings.

I found out that the correct commission is visible in the MT4 when you open one lot on a demo account.