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Hi Guys,

After finding Oanda do not allow hedging on demo accounts (and not willing to run tests on my live account) - i'm in the market for a new broker.   I have done a bit of research and a lot seem scammy to me - offering "deposit bonus's" etc - feels like a dirty online casino.

I'd love to know who you use and why you like them?

Thanks smile


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I am using pepperstone. I chose pepperstone as it is regulated by the Australian authorities and their servers are in NY so I get a connection of about 20ms using VPS. I have heard a lot about axitrader.
At the end of the day services are pretty much the same but the key test is when you want to get your funds out. Haven't tested them but know someone who used pepperstone and did not have issue getting funds out. I opened an account with very small amount. Need to find a good broker where one feels safe keep thousands of dollars.
I also want to find one good broker and then stick with them so thank you for starting this thread.

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I read in one of the posts about LMFX. 1:1000 leverage...not regulated..out of macedonia with support team in bulgaria. I dont know but their reviews are decent. Whatever funds I use for forex are my the funds should be secured and should have easy access to it...whenever needed...

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Please share your recommendations for both US and non US residents brokers.
There are many reviews on google but need assessment by actual users.
1. Capital Safety..ease of getting money out of account.
2. Good spreads
3. Regulated

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LMFX is the broker I will be using. However, I wouldn't trust them with a large sum of money (at least not right off the bat). Just place an amount with them that would be easy for you to replace.

For non-U.S. resident, I think you are fine with Oanda, because they will give no-FIFO/hedging to non-U.S. residents. They seem about as reputable as you can get in an Internet broker.

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Thanks..I am looking for a broker for long term based on the criteria. I dont want to change brokers all the time.

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I use Tickmill and JFD

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