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Topic: Can this indirect method make FSB live ?

I have found  this EA named TicksInMySQL at http://codebase.mql4.com/492 . After it have wrote the ticks is SQL can FSB be make to read it ?

If thats possible, that's an indirect way to make FSB LIVE.

Re: Can this indirect method make FSB live ?

This EA might not make FSB live but it can convert MT4's data inti CSV file http://codebase.mql4.com/277 .

  Lastest Version: 1.4

2005.12.24  1.4      faster to detect if data changed by removing float point  operations, added support to output CSV file in real time.
                            OutputCSVFile = 0 means no CSV.
                            OutputCSVFile = 1 means CSV + HST.
                            OutputCSVFile = 2 CSV only, no HST .
                            (useful if you want to generate CSV for builtin periods)
                            CSV Filename will be the same as HST file except the extension added safe checking for PeriodMultiplier.