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Hi guys

Me and my friend have develop an ea for metatrader and it is time to backtest and of coruse we want to backtest forex, CFD and Stocks.
So my question is how do we do in the best way? is this the right software for this?

Best ola

Re: right software?


You are on the correct place for backtesting and analyzing trading strategies, however it may not be possible for your current expert.

Our tools use a predefined structure of the strategy and specific logical rules in order to make possible 100% correct backtest.

We have two platforms:
- easier online app -  Expert Advisor Studio
- more advanced offline software - Forex Strategy Builder Professional available for download and test here:

You may try both of them, however, as I said, EA Studio is better for new users. You may try the following:
- open the app and go to the Generator page
- Set a market (for example EURUSD H1) and run the Generator. It will generate strategies automatically.
- Leave it running and go to the Collection page. The Generator will put strategies there. You may "Refresh" the collection in order to see the newer strategies.
- Click on a strategy. It will bring you to the Editor. You can see the indicators and the logical rules there.
- Then go to the Optimizer and Start it. It is extremely fast and will probably optimize the strategy.
- Then go to the Monte Carlo and "Start". This is a robustness test that tries t o"break" the strategy performance.
- Then go to the Multi Market. You can test the strategy on ... multiple market.

You need an account to export an EA from EA Studio.

FSB Pro is more complex and provide several in-depth tools for analyzing the backtest. You may try it for 15 days and to export EAs.

Please fill free to share your opinion about out software.

Trade Safe!

Re: right software?

Hey, Ola

It depends. It all boils down to what indicators are used and more importantly how they are used. If those correspond to FSB, then you can rebuild your strategy in FSB and get the backtest result in an instant.