Topic: How to make simple ATR strategy

I want to make ATR based strategy. It is very simple, but my head can not work out how to use already made ATR indicators for this. Please help smile

I want to enter in the market when candle is bigger let's say by 1.5 than average true range. I saw that "Average True Range" indicator have level line, this is ok for me, but it has static "Level points", what I do not want, I want to make it more dynamic and compare by times or percentages. Is there some work around? Or it must be programmed individual custom indicator for this?


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Hi! Decided try to code this custom indicator by my own smile

After reading tutorial pdf I can not find where is .cs file to start with ... I want to customize "Average True Range" indicator, but there is no such name with .cs , there is only .mqh version in mt4/mql4/ . However after "saving as" to different name it does not appear in fsb.

Re: How to make simple ATR strategy

Hello Irmantas,

Here you have everything you need:

Re: How to make simple ATR strategy

Thank you for a link.