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Hello Traders,

We just uploaded a new version of Expert Advisor Studio with an Optimizer tool.

How it works:

- the Optimizer works with the strategy loaded in the Editor;
- it optimizes the indicator parameters and shows the variant with the highest Net Balance;
- you have to press Edit in order to load the strategy in the Editor.
- the Optimizer doesn't send strategies to the Collection.
- when you click Edit and send the strategy to the Editor, it will be send also to the Collection.

Please be aware that this is an extremely powerful tool and may curve-fit your strategy.

Please post your opinion and ideas for improvements.

Trade Safe!

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Re: Optimizer

Woohoo... been waiting for this, thanks a million smile

BTW please consider adding maximum stagnation as sorting criteria

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Re: Optimizer

I tried the optimizer, it runs very smoohtly and everything seem perfect,

It'd be good if it's also able to optimize a strategy based on certain criteria, for example optimizing strategy for the best SQN or Shrape Ratio just like the FSB Pro.

However I'm also aware that EA Studio main advantage is it's speed and simplicity and I love it.