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Hello Popov,

How can I build a strategy using FSB that;

- it opens a BUY position with  x Lot when at Support on Mxx time frame;
- it will add new positions when it goes deeper of pre-set  pips, lets say 20 pips with 2x Lot
- it will continue adding more BUY positions of same pre-set pips with 2 times of the last positions opened
- Stop Loss and Take profit can be set for all, and Break even level + some pips

The same to be done for SELL position at Resistance level and open more positions with same pre-set pips values

BUY positions and SELL positions are to be groped in different group that Both BUY and SELL positions could be opened and closed according to trade and market conditions.

Lets say at 1.2000 price level EA will open a BUY position with 0.01 Lot s it is at support level;
when price move further deeper  20 pre-set pips 1.1980 and openes another buy position at 0,02 Lot
at 1,1960  price level it will open a new position at 0,04 lot
at 1,1940 price level, it willopen a new BUY position t 0,08 Lot

It should be possible to set how many trade to be opened in same direction in this way and same TP and SL to be set for all opened position so is for the BUY group.

Take profit   canalo be set if group of BUY basket is positive xx pips as Take profit that closes all opened BUY trades

same is valid for the SELL trades independently from BUY basket.

Basket Support / Resistance 1st trade open condition to be re-set when Stop Loss or Take profit or trades are closed for the new basket to start

1st BUY or SELL trade opening conditions could be set in different condition if support / resistance is not suitable

Thank you

Re: Strategy Building,

it opens a BUY position with  x Lot when at Support on Mxx time frame;

You have to start with defining the "Support" level.

Re: Strategy Building,

Hello Popov,

FSB has Pivot indicator that can open buy trade at Support level.  What about other conditions i added, how to add to the logic at FSB?

Thank you