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I am new using the FSB Pro and so far its fantastic. I have a difficulty with connecting it with a live account on VPS. When i did with the platform on the Desktop computer were no problems, but now when i try with the VPS account to get the information of the symbols from the broker, i can not connect it

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I have also installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) on the VPS, since it was missing and installed manually the Bridge to the right paths, but still can not connect it. Anyway has an idea what am i missing? Thanks..

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Do you see any messages on the MT logs? What you see on the upper left part of the chart where you attach the EA?

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No nothing strange or abnormal there. Just the connection was not established. After that i copied the FSB Pro on the VPS(as you show in one of your video) and i succeeded to connect it.

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In the right corner up i see the first attached picture and when i try to connect the ID on FSB i see "ID=11 not connected"

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Both FSB and MT must be installed and started from one and the same user. Try running FSB Pro "As Administrator".