Topic: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

Hi just a matter for discussion and brain storming.

I'm wondering about the Reverse Trade Option.  Can we have a tick button to turn ON Reverse Trade option? whereby we can turn our strategy in Reverse option.

I'm thinking that if the majority of traders lose in FX, then IF my EA were to lose most of the time, won't it be nice to just click the check button to Reverse the strategy to see whether instead of losing, it would start winning instead?

Isn't there only 2 possibilities?  If I go for Long trade (buy) and I lose, then won't it be that the reverse is true, i.e.  If I had Short trade (sell) for the same given time, I would have win instead?  So since there are many who have difficulties finding the winning formula but majority have no problem losing, then wouldn't it be easier to just reverse our EA to see whether it would be winning instead?

Re: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

This subject has been around a lot in this forum...

Like here … gy-option/

For education … e-one.html

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Re: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

Is it so hard to add in this feature?

We fail doesn't necessary mean others would fail.  If we can't find any winning formula doesn't mean others can't find...that's just my thought.  Not that I need this function badly, but I'm thinking if it is not difficult to add in this feature, no harm trying. 

Honestly, it's hard for my brain to think of formulating a losing strategy (and then reverse it) because I'm so conditioned to think of a winning formula...but I'm curious and maybe out there, there would be traders who may stumble upon a winning formula...and no harm trying...anyway, that's what FSB is about...keeping trying, keep developing, keep searching, keep exploring, keep toying with ideas...for a winning strategy and it may comes in many different ways. 

And never say never (that reversing a losing strategy would never produce a winning one).  If till now, after developing so many strategies, I can't find a winning formula, does that mean there isn't one?  If I keep reversing my strategies and I couldn't find one winning one, does that mean others can't find too?

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hannahis wrote:

Is it so hard to add in this feature?

Why to add a useless feature? Why to spend effort on a useless feature? Why to add a feature which will only waste time and fog the mind of a strat developer?

Why don't you convince me with facts or practical results? Generate a loser strat and turn it into a winner by reversing, is it so hard do? And lets be straight - parameter and other bigger changes are not acceptable as then it will not be the original strat.

I'll be waiting eagerly for your results!

Merry Christmas!

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A Broker sees your strategy reversed.

Re: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

I will try.  Thanks...Merry Christmas too smile

But there again...I fail doesn't mean other would...that's my point of argument.

Re: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

Honestly, it's hard for my brain to think of formulating a losing strategy

Just buy and sell, buy and sell.......

You forget the Spread and the Swap. This charges cover the cost of the trading, the broker's expenses, advertisements, promotions, offices, government taxes, the MT license, share holders dividends, the profit of the Liquidity Providers and so on...

Buy reversing you strategy you'll not make the broker paying you spread for example.

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Re: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

Ha Ha Ha, yeah not too hard to think if that's just mindless losing.

But that's not the "principle" of reverse trading.  Not lose because of swap etc but wrong directional trade.

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Re: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

I just reversed one of my losing made $116 profit within 1 min open and close smile

Let's wait and see...will keep you all posted smile

If this work, I have Footon to thank for the challenge smile

Now another $44 in hopefully it keeps going this way...I will laugh myself to the bank.

another $28 profit and floating profit ...

another $81 and all these ($269) in 40 min since starting the EA reversal...yeah, keeping going and I'm going to have a Merry, Merry Christmas smile

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Re: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

Currently, my reverse trade made $496 and still with $144 floating profit...all within 1.5 hrs of trading.  Such trading only possible in FSB 1 min time chart.  FSB 1 min chart is an excellent and POWERFUL tool with 1 min time chart, FSB can execute trade with better and higher accuracy smile
FSB 1 min time chart is my all time favourite smile

Meanwhile a screen shot of my other winning formula EA with 1 or 2 days open for trading, just in case people think that only my reverse trade wins or ever wonder whether I know how to develop winning formula smile 

Lastly, even if I fail in this current reverse trading, it doesn't mean others would fail too.  Let's us not be too quick to conclude and again...never say never.
Screen shot of Reverse Trade

Each EA has it's own magic number, all in 1 min time chart.  Happy Trading and a Merry Christmas to all of you and a bountiful year ahead...

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Re: Create a Reverse Trade Option/function for FSB?

Here's my observation and review about Reverse Trading.

Before we try Reverse Trading, I think it is good to start with the question "What constitute a winning trade?"

In my opinion, here is my observation in my EA development.

My winning formula is one that is able to identity a good opening (I usually aim for break out) and a good closing (near the end of the trend, ready for a reversal of trend).

What makes my EA lose?

1.  Good opening (right direction) but too early closing (too "sensitive" perimeters/short perimeters, that react too fast to price changes)
2.  Good opening but late closing (too strict closing conditions or wrong/long perimeters that are not "sensitive" to react to price changes)
3.  Bad opening (wrong direction or open too near the end of trend) and Good closing (need large SL to wait for trend to turn around, posting too much risk, hence overall lose badly in the long run)
4.  Bad opening and bad closing (this one most likely suitable for Reverse trading).

So before you want to Reverse your EA, you need to understand the characteristics of your EA, which of the above mentioned is the problem found in your EA.  Because not all reversal would work.

From the above 4 conditions

1. Good Open (right direction), too early Close (after reversal, R) you get = Bad Open (wrong direction), too early close = Lose
2. Good Open, late Close (after R) = Bad Open (wrong direction), late Close (may win some if you have huge SL to wait for trade to turn around)
3. Bad Open (wrong direction), Good Close (after R) = Good open, Bad close.
4. Bad Open and Bad Close (after R) = Good Open and Good Close

Now from the examples above, we see that only option 4 is suitable for Reverse Trading.  Hence, we can't totally rule out Reverse Trading but just need to know under what kind of circumstances it would work.

Here is my personal conclusion:

1.  I need to understand why my EA fail in the 1st place in order to know whether Reverse Trading is suitable or not.

2.  If I can understand why my EA fail, I would rather spend time to perfect it and make it better than just reverse it.

3.  Even if I happened to reverse one of my losing EA and turn it out to be a winning one, I still haven't figure out how to develop a good winning formula/EA.  I still haven't understand the fundamental principles of what constitute a good winning EA and how to achieve it.

4.  Lastly, I rather spend my time to figure out how to make my EA work then to try to reverse my thinking on how to come out with a lousy EA and reverse it.  It is because of my endless trials and errors and analyzing my EA that I develop better and better EA as the time goes by. 

No one would believe me if I tell you that I've developed more than 10,000 EA since I 1st started FSB.  Currently, I have 6 MT4 terminals test running nearly 300 EA.  I don't have the energy or time to experiment Reverse option and think like a "loser" (no pun intended).  Already I have quite a good number of excellent EA which I'm pretty happy with...just waiting for Popov to come out with more profit protection features before I start launching them for live trading, don't want to lose my life's savings smile  As Popov always say "trade safe"

However, that being said, I still won't rule out the benefits of having a Reverse Option/Feature in FSB.

1.  From a sales and marketing point of view.  Having one extra feature is better.  It may attract people who are still interest in this topic or attempts.

2.  For those who still haven't figure out how to develop a winning EA, I won't mind if I "stumble" into one by reversing one of my losing EA.  And work from there to develop one...working backward to derive my formula.

3.  It keeps an additional option open for those exploring and trying out different strategies etc...If Reverse Option is just a click of a button, why not try it out to see whether it never know.

So how was the outcome of my Reverse experiment? didn't work for this particular set of EA because they belong to the 1st group, Good open but too early close.  These EA were "good" (open with the right principle or fundamental framework) EA but with too frequent opening and closing, like what Popov said, the swap, spread would kill you, hence not a good candidate for Reverse option.  Therefore, before we conclude whether Reverse work or not, we must know under what circumstances, it would likely work and under what circumstances it is bound to fail.

Would I spend my time and effort to develop a Revere EA?  Definitely not.  I rather spend the same amount of time and effort developing a good one instead of a lousy one (and then reverse it).  But I won't stop anyone from trying.  I fail doesn't mean others would. 

Would I like to have Reverse Option in FSB? Why not?  No harm trying with a click of a button to be pleasantly surprise...anyway that's how light bulb were invented...through many trials and errors...and stumbled upon the right material.

Here's my today trading is very rewarding when you finally come so close to developing a winning keep trying and keep thinking and analyzing...all these were not possible if I don't have FSB

All these floating profit is from just today opening position...yesterday's position were mostly closed (except for a series of EA what has late closing or longer trend eg with H4 or D1 triggers in LTF).  And my EA managed to close and open when the trend turn about.  So satisfying when one day...after so many figure out how to develop winning EA.  Part of my success depends on using the 1 min time chart and the LTF features...without these 2 important platform, I won't able to develop EA that can reactive timely to trend changes.