Topic: Money back


I purchase license for 1 month in august, but today it took charge again from my credit card.
I didn't want to purchase it for 2nd month!

How can I get my money back?! How can I unsubscribe from this regular purchasing??

Re: Money back

Hello Sergey,

You can unsubscribe from your PayPal account. See this instruction: How to Cancel a PayPal Subscription.

PayPal changes his website frequently, so it is possible to have some differences.

If you unsubscribe before the next payment, PayPal will not charge your account any more. You'r license will be valid till the next month even if you cancel your subscription today.

Once cancelled, a subscription cannot be recovered.

We offer no-questions, 100% money back guarantee for 30 days from the initial subscription. However, the guarantee period is expired in your case.   

Please contact us if you have more questions.