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Topic: Memory Usage problem

Hi there

As suggested I upgraded from 4 to 20gig ram on an i7 laptop, and it's a big improvement.
I try to work with long historical data sets e.g. 5 years 5 minute bars.
But the program still eventually becomes progressively more sluggish to the point of un-usability - requiring a restart to fix.
I monitor memory usage in Task Manager (each 'process' and total ram usage.)

I'm aware of 'release unused historical data' in History center, this doesn't help with the problem I'm describing.
As far as I know this is the only user controlled memory management function in FSB.

I notice as I add processes e.g. run a generator, work on a strategy, run an optimizer - the memory usage quickly rises to the maximum available.
But when I stop these FSB processes the FSB memory usage remains very high and unchanged.

I pushed it to the max as a test: got to the point where FSB was using 18 gig ram running a Generator and an Optimizer with 2 x additional strategies open. As usual it got sluggish eventually to the point of unusability.
This resulted in Windows and all other processes being 'squeezed down' to use only about 1 gig.

Then when I quit FSB, all other processes remained on about 1 gig ram with 18 gig unused - it appears FSB did not release the ram it used - even when I quit FSB; and the only resolution was a restart.

- Please can the memory usage of FSB be reviewed to check if any problems may have crept into recent upgrades.
- If there's any way to improve FSBs (dynamic) memory handling esp with large historical data sets; running Generator, etc.
- Releasing of Ram when processes are stopped etc.
- Possible user controls of memory usage.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Memory Usage problem

These problems are fixed in the FSB v2.8.6 available as an Early Access.

Re: Memory Usage problem

Great. Thank you, Popov

Re: Memory Usage problem

Just to feedback: the memory handling is great now.
Thank you