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Topic: Expert Advisors Code v23 - Early Access

Hello Traders,

Here is the latest versions of our EA export code - v23

- Missed close signals at Bar Close are repeated at the next Bat Open. This improvement allows safe setting of lower value of the "Bar closing advance" option in the expert's options;
- The experts start monitoring the trade signals from the first tick. Now a strategy that open at Bar Open or at Day Open and are started on the weekend cans tart trading from the first tick when the market opens;
- Fixed strategies that open at Bar Close and close at the next Bar Close;
- Fixed various minor issues in the expert code.

How to install:
Extract the attached MQL.zip archive over your C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\MT4 Files\MQL folder.

Test the new code carefully on the MT Strategy Tester and on a Demo Account.
Report all issues you may encounter.

The expert advisors code is included in FSB Pro v2.8 distribution.