Topic: FSB to have ability to Export strategy to Meta Trader code

I would like to see FSB to have the ability to export the strategy developed here to Meta Trader 4 code. Being able to immediately use the developed strategy directly will make FSB even more popular.

If the above have been developed, I would like to see feature that uses genetic algorithm to evolve successful strategy by having a combination off user contributed strategies couple with randomly generated strategies evolving over time to become even better strategy. Maybe it will needed more computing power than just one's computer alone. It may have to be a distributed computing of sort amoung FSB user to harness the computing power to evolve better strategy.

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I think to start an open source project of FSB to MQL strategy converter.


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Someone had already developed a basic web based strategy conversion to MQL code here http://sufx.core.t3-ism.net/ExpertAdvisorBuilder/ . It can be use a a starter for a SPAM strategy to MQL coder


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I think alot of people that have developed good strategies would want their strategy to run on platform like Meta Trader or at least test in in a demo account live condition. It is one thing to discover the strategy but another to implement it, especially in forex where it run 24/7.

Hence, there is a need for SPAM strategy to be quickly implemented in a usable form. I suggest that the SPAM strategy (XML file)  to Meta Trade code translation be commercialize. I think a charge in the region of USD 50-100 would be a good place to start with. You can have a software company to do it and split the profit or do it on your own. If you look at eBay, the sale and purchace of Meta Trader "Expert Advisor" is getting very popular. Now to budle this FSB and the FSB to MQL4 code translator as a strategy development tools that one could put the discover strategy to use immediately. You just need to put it eBay for sale and believe me, I think it will be a hot item, especially if you have a algorithm that search for profitable strategy on its own. Do also have a means for people to add in more technical indicators.

If the strategy could make money trading in the forex, I am sure paying some money for it is fair.

You have put in a lot of you own time in FSB, and I think it far that FSB brings back to you some reward.

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I have much to do but there is no time at all.
First of all I have to clear for myself some logical questions. Also in deep backtester (using all data time frames) has to be finished. The documentation takes too much time also.

Before any kind of commercialization I have to be 100% sure that everything is correct and bugs free. The idea is FSB to be free to users for ever. Also more feedback informations is needed to be sure that the product is easy and intuitive.

About the FSB to MQL converter I am not experienced in expert advisor programming, but I think that the main logic is easy to be done. The problem is with the indicators. FSB offers more parameters for customization than the included in MetaTrader. This means that not only the logic have to be exported, but and  some of the indicators also.

The other possibility is FSB to be linked directly to a broker.  Than the live pricing, live signals, testing on a demo account or real trading will integrated part of FSB.


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I like your idea of linking FSB directly to forex broker, then you only need to brief up the security aspect. You can be paid a fraction of the profit generated by FSB by the broker.

The main feature required in such a case is, the ability to auto trade. You will also need to encrypt ( user selected password)  the FSB strategy file, so no one can snoop into a successful trading strategy. Display the live streaming charts, etc like that in Meta Trader

Off course the normal performance indicators for checking the result of back testing is a must.

With the future capability of " Strategy Generator " with a little bit of AI in the selection process, I think FSB could eventually out do Meta Trader as a platform of choice for internet forex trading.

As for documentation, I just jump right in and learn to swim in the process.

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Dear Administrator,

I really agree to what Mr Lau said. Keep up a good work!