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Hi, first of all congratulations to the developement team because I found this is a great tool for market data analysis. I have some skills programming C/C++ and I am beginning with C# as it is the language used to develop FSB Pro. I am interested in developing my own indicators but I have found some pitfalls:

- It would be very helpfull having information about de C# classes used by FSB, its hierarchy, methods, properties, global variables and so on. The only thing I found about it, was this post

... very helpfull, but basic. How could I obtain further and deeper information?

- When coding a new indicator I can correct the sintax mistakes with an IDE or a advanced text editor as Notepad++, but how I can debug the code if a can not compile it, add breakpoints and watch in deep objects and variables?

I would appreciate any kinf of info about these points. Thank you.

Re: FSB Pro info for programing

Hello Pedro,
I'm considering to make a video series about custom indicators. However, it will going to happen in March. By meantime I'll upload all base classes.

Since than you can take a look at that GitHub repo where I keep all distributed indicators: You can see also all custom indicators in our code repository:

You can take a look at the MQL code in your FSB User's Folder. The Indicator.mqh file contains all base types written in mql, which is very close to C++.

Re: FSB Pro info for programing

Thanks a lot Popov, it's a good starting point.