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I bought a license for 2 machines and activated it on 2 machines.
Now I have a new computer and wanted to transfer a license
from my first machine to the new one.

Actual situation:
I tried to activate the license on the new machine -> doesn't work. (Activation limit reached ...)
I started the first machine to transfer the license -> doesn't work,
I get the message, that the evaluation time is over.

So, acual I have a license that works only for 1 machine (but I bought
a license for 2 machines).

What is wrong?

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Re: license not working

The correct steps are:
  1. Deactivate the license from an activated machine. It will free an activation slot on the server.
  2. Activate your other computer with the same License Code.

Check again to activate your new machine. The License slot must be free after the deactivation.

If you still have problems, send me an email or PM with the Machine Code of your currently working machine and the code of the deactivated machine. I'll free the deactivated license slot manually.

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Re: license not working

On this two machines FSB should be activated:

############   (already activated)

############  (this should be the second machine and cannot be activated)

Deactivating the license from the old machine ist not possible , because FSB cannot longer see the any license.

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Re: license not working

Please try now.

Re: license not working

Thank you, now it's working.