Topic: couple of Q :

great stuff you have here ! great work!

1. it there a "technic" to work with tick data ?

2. what the capcity of the platform regarding "amount of bars" ?

3. is there a quick guide or any link for :how to imprt data into the platform".... imean what is the right format for the data file?

thats all for now.... many thanks

Re: couple of Q :

What you mean by ""technic" to work with tick data"?
Somewhere in the help section you can find info about the max ammount of bars.
This is about how to import data into the platform

Re: couple of Q :

never heard of this tick data before... this is something new to me, plzz elaborate!

Re: couple of Q :

I ment,

1. is there a way to work with a time frame that is lower then 1 Min?

Re: couple of Q :

Of course you can find a way to work with a time frame lower than 1 min. You would suggest you to use patterns rather than indicators on such time frames. Simple break out strategies are OK.

Re: couple of Q :

The lowest time frame you can load in Forex Strategy Builder is 1min. The program simulates trade bar by bar. It interpolates each bar and is able to execute several trades in a bar.

You cannot load tick data, but you don't need to do it. Forex Strategy Builder uses several interpolation methods when calculating a backtest. This guarantees correct results.