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Here are a couple places to get data from if you are trading other than Forex. I have been manually trading CFD's and I want to try to use FSB Pro to develop systems for those, particularly as the volatility has disappeared from Forex recently

You may have to manipulate the data for FSB Pro.

There are several other sites that provide intraday data as well, a Google search will allow you to discover those.

Now that FSB Pro has evolved this far, I will be interested in trading many other instruments and am contemplating a paid data service.

There are instructions on the net in a couple places which demonstrate how to load Mt4 with data for different instruments.

Google Finance

In Google Finance, intra-day data is available free for several stock markets. The complete list can be found here.

Data is available in several frequencies with the lowest one being one-minute time frame.

The URL format is:[PERIOD]&p=[DAYS]d&f=d,o,h,l,c,v&df=cpct&q=[TICKER]


[PERIOD]: Interval or frequency in seconds
[DAYS]: The historical data period, where "10d" means that we need historical stock prices data for the past 10 days.
[TICKER]: This is the ticker symbol of the stock

Symbol Lookup:

More information: Intraday Data for US Stocks

Yahoo Finance

As with Google Finance, Yahoo allows you to download intraday data for several stock markets. You can get data for 62 exchanges.

Format :[TICKER]/chartdata;type=quote;range=1d/csv


[TICKER]: This is the ticker symbol of the security

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Re: Data for other than Forex

Yeah Blaiserboy.. I've been trying to trade CFD to with some broker.. But the market setting instrument on FSB pro, can't support the CFD specification.. So, I just trade manually..

What broker did u use Sir. Blaiserboy??