Topic: Feedback: Excellent concept but...

After a couple of days of playing with this nice utility (that I found on Google by accident) I must say that it exceeded my expectations.

At first, it looked too rigid and unflexible, and that it was intended for non-programmers to experiment with it, but after a while, I can see its advantages in playing with new trading ideas.

The most brilliant aspect of this product, is that everything is simple, and everything is shown on one screen. No need to switch tabs or views.
Also, another important aspect, is that every time I change one of the parameters, the profit curve is updated instantly - this is great!

I will not repeat some of my suggestions from previous posts, and will not repeat stuff that I noticed was posted by some others ( like export journal to CSV and like date filter and like black background theme ) but, as of now, I think that some things need to be done:

1. The reliability of the backtesting engine - in terms of accurately immitating entry/exit orders - is in question. This is of course only my opinion, based on what I have learned on the product so far - it may be rock solid, but I think this will require some work.

2. This is somewhat related to #1 - when I build a strategy, I would like to carefully inspect the results on a chart. The charting component requires some work, especially the position related markers. It is too cluttered now, and if there are more than one entry/exits on the same bar, it was very difficult for me to understand what happened, and by what order

3. Since this tool is designed for testing only, and not for trading (and smartly so) - It is important to provide a detailed description of each indicator (with formula, or code) somewhere either on the software itself, or on the help pages. Personally, I am familiar with most of the indicators, and can write the formulas for them, but if I need to replicate the FSB system into some other scripting language, it is crucial that I do it EXACTLY as it was implemented on FSB.

All-in-all - I can't wait to see how this will evolve.
Its a nice concept, well done guys.