Topic: FST If then command

can anybody tell me how i can realize to make a if-then command in the FST but i do not know how to program scribs
I want the FST To make a trade only if bulls power is below the level line but right now it gives a sell above the levelline But i want that it is doing then nothing

thks Edi

Re: FST If then command

FSB will be known as symmetrical..... it shows that it is developing strategy for long trades and at the same time it is developing trades for the short side....

You will see this when you have a look at your strategy in the journal.

Best that you spend a lot of time studying the 'Documentation' at the top of this page and you will see many ways of using FSB

Personally, I use this software many hours a day and have so far, not needed to add anything to the program. Some of the people have developed some great indicators that you can download from the 'Repository' at the top of this page.


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